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CDNetworks Enables Businesses to Optimize Web Content and Application Performance across the Middle East

CDNetworks Enables Businesses to Optimize Web Content and Application Performance across the Middle East

Expanded Network Presence in Iraq, Israel, and Saudi Arabia Helps Major Brands to Profitably Reach Fast-Growing Markets in the Middle East

San Jose, California – CDNetworks, the only multinational content delivery network with local expertise and infrastructure inside mainland China and across six continents, today announced the global expansion of its network within the Middle East through new points-of-presence in Iraq, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. Businesses can now deliver Web content and applications in a high-performance and cost-efficient manner to the Middle East’s growing Internet user population.

Up to now, businesses of all sizes have struggled to provide a high-quality end-user experience in the Middle East due to poor network peering and a lack of local technical expertise to overcome Internet infrastructure challenges. In fact, the most recent IDC Middle East CIO survey names staffing issues as the biggest challenge for CIOs in the region throughout 2011. Jyoti Lalchandani, IDC’s VP and regional MD for the Middle East and Africa stated that nearly 60% of CIOs involved in the survey named staffing as their top concern for the year.

“By providing a fully outsourced service on our expanded content delivery network, CDNetworks continues to help content providers to profitably reach the world’s most challenging markets, including Middle Eastern nations,” says Jerry Miller, VP of US and EMEA Operations at CDNetworks. “Our infrastructure presence in Iraq underscores CDNetworks’ unique ability to speed Web content and applications anywhere in the world.”

Several factors combine to make Internet performance in the Middle East erratic and often sub-standard. These include a relatively small number of major networks, poor network peering, and a lack of government support for Internet infrastructure improvements. These factors, combined with recent turmoil, have forced service providers to route traffic through Western Europe when delivering content to Middle Eastern users. This drastically slows website and application performance in the Middle East, causing consumers there to abandon websites. Moreover, it damages the brand reputation of large content providers and hinders their revenue growth in the region.

CDNetworks’ Middle East expansion comes as welcome news to many of its brand-name and high-traffic website customers. “We’re very excited that CDNetworks continues to expand its network into challenging markets, including the Middle East,” stated Jeroen Keulemans of Radio Netherlands Worldwide. “One of our core missions is to provide independent information to countries with an information deficit, and after much searching, we’ve concluded that CDNetworks is the only partner who can provide us with that type of global reach.”

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