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CDNetworks Delivers Award-Winning News and Views to Readers of the Onion

CDNetworks Delivers Award-Winning News and Views to Readers of the Onion

CDNetworks Provides 100% Uptime and 50% Web Page Performance Improvements

San Jose, Calif. – CDNetworks, a top tier, full-service global content delivery network, today announced that the Onion news website has standardized on the CDNetworks cloud-based platform for its content delivery needs, including both website content and streaming media. The Onion is a national publication and website that offers award-winning news, views and videos to more than 3 million readers each week, making it by far the most popular news organization in its class.

The Onion had originally relied on CDNetworks and another leading CDN provider. But thanks to CDNetworks’ superior customer support, delivery performance, and guaranteed uptime, the Onion now depends solely on CDNetworks to delight its subscribers. While the other CDN provider experienced service outages, CDNetworks delivered 100% uptime and 50% faster web page downloads for the Onion.

Because the Onion’s loyal subscriber base plays a key role in spreading the word about “America’s Finest News Source”, website performance is paramount. “Our business revolves around advertising, so being fast and reliable is critical,” says Michael Greer, The Onion’s Director of Web Technology. “Since partnering with CDNetworks, we have seen our subscriber base double to 8 million users, primarily through word of mouth. Just as important, we now deliver more than 30 million page views per month, increasing our inventory for advertising revenue.”

According to Cameron Lorentz, VP of Sales for CDNetworks in the Americas,“We are the only top tier CDN provider with a cloud-based infrastructure that seamlessly combines website and application functionality. This provides the Onion with tremendous cost advantages and flexibility as it evolves its business model to deliver new and unique services to a growing customer base.”

About the Onion
The Onion offers award-winning news and views that readers can’t get anywhere else. Our attention grabbing headlines and photojournalism paint a unique picture of the world. More than 4 million people read the Onion each week and listen to Onion Radio News, making it by far the most popular news organization in its class. In 2007, the Onion launched Onion News Network, its 24-hour video news network.

About CDNetworks
CDNetworks is the highest performing global content delivery network (CDN), providing unparalleled speed and reliability of website content and application delivery anywhere in the world. Our commitment to cloud-based network performance and superior customer support set us apart from all other CDNs. That is why more than 1,100 companies across industries, including gaming, high tech, manufacturing, media, retail and software rely on CDNetworks to delight their website users while minimizing content and application delivery costs. With more than 100 points of presence across 5 continents, including numerous PoPs in China, CDNetworks helps our customers get closer to their end users. Founded in 2000, CDNetworks has offices in the U.S., Korea, China, Europe, and Japan.  For more information, please visit