Media Acceleration Live/VoD

Deliver high quality video on-demand (VoD) anywhere and on any device.

Provide ultra-low latency streaming experiences to consumers.

CDNetworks Media Acceleration Live/VoD delivers high quality traditional live broadcast (one broadcaster and many viewers) and video on demand anywhere and any devices for viewers. Our media acceleration pulls video contents directly from customer’s origin server or CDNetworks Cloud Storage in both traditional live broadcast and VoD use cases. Our IP multicast technology supports TCP-based client transmission and helps reduce traffic congestion and broadcasting cost without compromising video stream performance.

Media Acceleration Diagram

Bandwidth scalability

Given our 50Tbps bandwidth capacity, we can help deliver premium content to millions users across the world.

High availability

High quality of service with redundancy is our highest priority when providing smooth video service to content providers.

Reduced costs

Large server networks with proximity to end users have construction and maintenance costs that are too high for most content providers to ramp up in a short period of time.


Product Features

Multi-protocol support


Video configuration and management

Flexible cache policies for cache configuration, Dynamic bit rate & Intelligent video buffering

Monitoring services

Origin monitoring, Status monitoring, Traffic monitoring, QoS monitoring from server side and client side


Access control (token authentication, geo-blocking, IP whitelisting and blacklisting)

Stream protection

Distribution data protected by anti-hotlinking, video file data protected by digital encryption, video content protected by copyright mark

Customized Integrations

We provide support for industry-leading solutions to create custom integrations for your unique requirements

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