Media Delivery: How it Can Make or Break Your Business


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Consumer expectations for superior, uninterrupted media delivery have never been higher, and there’s no end in sight. The better the technology becomes, the more demand for continuous delivery is created. As consumers move away from expensive cable or dish packages, it is becoming clear that programming options and unhindered viewing of any media content is nearly a requirement, no matter if it is a short product demonstration video or a full-length feature film. With more viewers than ever subscribing to streaming services, there is little to no patience for slow-loading audio or video streams.

Accelerated Media Delivery

For decades, marketing experts have known that visual content is key to the success of any campaign. Consumers recall images they see longer than those received solely through auditory sources. Digital media offers video marketing solutions for any industry, and it’s available 24/7 to its target audience. The challenge with digital media, however, often comes with delivery. Users expect instantaneous media delivery, and if it’s not delivered quickly enough, they will move to content on the next site that can keep their attention. The availability of media has created shorter attention spans in consumer behavior, and companies have less time to pique the interest of visitors to their platforms.

Accelerated media delivery expedites everything from full-length streaming videos to one-minute ads, multiplayer games, and music services. The technology allows digital and media companies to increase traffic through the high-speed, high-quality, seamless streaming that consumers demand.

No More Interruptions

It’s annoying, to say the least, but interruptions are still a common phenomenon across streaming services. The constant stopping and starting of a movie or TV show is frustrating, but not unusual, and some businesses are still struggling to find solutions. Interrupted media delivery is the bane of any streaming service business. Slow internet connections can generally be found as the cultprit behind these problems, but poor routing between an encoder and the server, as well as proximity to the server, can cause these issues as well. Media acceleration provides the fastest delivery of both static and dynamic applications, and delivers the fastest streaming content. Marketing and business professionals know that reliable, high-quality streaming will increase revenue and grow the number of users, in addition to reaching those in challenging and emerging global markets.

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Bit Rates

Quality has a direct correlation to bitrates, which are the data rates for media files. Higher bitrates create better image or sound quality. When a digital device plays a video from TV, bitrate will vary from device to device; whether it is played on a phone, a computer, or a Blu-ray player, choosing the best bitrate for that device is important. Variable bit rate (VBR) encoding allows media companies to control media files and maintain the quality provided to customers when streamed on any digital device. For media providers and streaming services, bitrates are vital to the overall quality on the end-device.

Industry projections show that mobile applications will continue to grow as one of the primary digital devices used to stream content, including gaming sites, with Asia projected to generate more than half of the gaming revenue worldwide by 2020. Media acceleration that enables delivery of video-on-demand with an adaptive bitrate, while also avoiding pre-packaged video assets, creates smoother digital content delivery.


No matter what part of the world you’re delivering content to, your media delivery system should be seamless, flexible, and have the capability to address surges in demand as needed. Network conditions and traffic fluctuations are a part of daily internet challenges, but addressing them without latency and buffering issues is key to building your target audience, customer base, and in attracting new customers. High quality streaming services are no longer a bonus for customers. They are an expected part of any digital platform service, whether you offer music, gaming, or video services.

Businesses need tailored solutions to ensure success in the global marketplace. Staying competitive and offering the latest technology to meet the demand of increasingly tech-savvy consumers is no longer an option, but a mandatory part of a successful business plan. CDNetworks can help your business provide the efficient and reliable web performance your customers expect. Learn more about our innovations by visiting our website.

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