Cloud Live

An all-in-one solution for live streaming
Cloud Live is a revolutionary all-in-one live streaming solution from CDNetworks that offers unparalleled features for stream ingesting, processing, and delivery. Based on CDNetworks’ industry-leading content delivery network (CDN) and powerful media-processing capabilities, Cloud Live delivers a seamless, high-speed, and low-latency streaming experience — from flexible stream ingesting to live stream playback — on a wide variety of devices.

Easy Management & Quick Publish

A convenient stream management portal and cloud-based player making it easier for live stream ingesting, processing and delivering to viewers.

Secure Live Streaming

CDNetworks uses a variety of security strategies to protect your streaming content, such as HTTPDNS, access control, anti-hotlinking, and watermarking, etc.

High Performance & Reliability

Based on CDNetworks globally CDN infrastructure, high quality of service with redundancy is our highest priority when providing smooth live video and audio service to viewers.

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Flexible Stream Management

Supports live stream management, monitoring, and configurations using the customer portal and API.

Powerful Media Processing

Globally distributed media center guarantees powerful media-processing capabilities for stream transcoding and recording.

Developer-Friendly Features

Features such as video embed code, cloud player, RESTful API, and SDKs eliminate developer hassles.

Video Security

Content protection features such as anti-hotlinking and watermarking secure your content.

Live to VoD

Records and stores live events as VoD files for playback at a later time.

Fast Stream Delivery

CDNetworks’ highly efficient CDN ensures a fast, stable, and high-quality live stream delivery.

Excellent Viewing Experience

Based on CDNetworks’ highly efficient and reliable streaming media distribution system, Cloud Live ensures a smooth, stable, and high-quality live viewing experience for your end users, regardless of where they’re located. Moreover, CDNetworks supports adaptive bitrate streaming, which intelligently selects the most suitable bitrate based on viewer’s network environment. Cloud Live also supports widely used live streaming protocols that best suit your viewers, such as RTMP, SRT, HDL, HLS, DASH, and WebRTC.

Cloud VoD
Abundant PoPs & Resources

Abundant PoP Resources

As a global leader in cloud distribution and edge computing, CDNetworks serves customers in over 70 countries and regions. Our global deployment of the following resources ensures that your end users will be well served:

  • Over 200,000 servers
  • Over 2,800 CDN PoPs
  • Over 400 edge-computing PoPs worldwide
  • Over 100 overseas ISP partners
  • Storage capacities of 500 PB

Secure Stream Delivery

In the era of new media, content is king. CDNetworks uses a variety of security strategies — such as HTTPDNS, access control, anti-hotlinking, and watermarking — to protect your streaming content. Using these technologies, your live streams are delivered to your viewers securely, ensuring content integrity and maximizing your business profits.

How it Works

Cloud Live Diagram

In addition to integrating media-processing capabilities with CDN distribution, Cloud Live provides a portal for managing content streams. Using the Cloud Live portal, you can create as many streams as you need prior to live streaming. Then, when you’re ready to stream, simply copy and paste a URL to push the stream in an encoder, and then start streaming. Cloud Live also integrates features such as a dedicated monitoring page, a sharing page, and adaptive code for diverse application and management.