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Bot Shield

Cloud-based Comprehensive Bot Mitigation and Management Solution
Bot Shield is a cloud-based comprehensive bot management solution that keeps bots from hijacking your web assets. Bot Shield enables you to easily distinguish between legitimate human traffic and bot traffic, and then again between good bots and malicious ones. It is designed to protect against automated attacks, threats, and fraud and avoid abuse of resources by eliminating malicious bots effectively, all without disrupting the user experience of legitimate human users.

Eliminate Bad Bots

Strengthen security by identifying/eliminating bad bots

Fight Fraud & Abuse

Protect digital assets by validating legitimate end-user behaviors

Prioritize Traffic

Create better end-user experiences by prioritizing authorized traffic

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Bot Intelligence

Recognize and remember good bots and allow them to access. Control access by multiple dimensions, such as IP, User-Agent to meet various scenarios.

Bot Detection

Detect bots effectively through captcha challenge, fingerprint analysis, human behavior detection, JS/Cookie feature verification, etc.

Advanced Rate Limiting

Limit access rates by IP, URI, HTTP header, or any combination of these parameters offer website and API protection against repeated requests.

AI Protection

Use the Artificial Intelligence tech and machine learning to learn the access baseline of normal users, and automatically set the security policies to block the attacks.

Mobile App Protection

With the SDK, Bot Shield can determine whether a request comes from a legitimate client by verifying the validity of the token and effectively secure mobile apps.

Customized Attack Models

Analyze the behaviors of normal users, detect the abnormal behaviors, and take actions.

Quick and Easy Deployment

CDNetworks helps you to start blocking bad bots without complex configuration. Deployed in just a click at the backend side, Bot Shield automatically mitigates malicious bots immediately and allows good ones. By providing multiple functions, Bot Shield makes bot management easier, so you can focus on growing the business.

Quick and Easy Deployment
Bot Visibility

Bot Visibility

Bot Shield can present the identified bot traffic to you in real time through visualized reports, enabling you to gain real-time insight into business security and facilitating security O&M to make security-based decisions. The dashboard of Bot Shield allows you to see the bot type, attacked map, top attacked URL, bot IP list, and more.

Intelligence Library

Bot Shield helps maximize bot recognition efficiency by providing an intelligence library, which incorporates a threat library and good bot library. The threat library, working as an event-driven library, helps you to detect and mitigate attacks in advance based on the big data analysis. At the same time, Bot Shield utilizes reverse DNS solutions to identify the features of good bots and create a good Bot library for them.

Bot Library

How it Works

Bot Shield Global Bot Management Diagram

Bot Shield is deployed on CDNetworks’ distributed Points-of-Presence (PoPs) as a cloud-based solution. Bot Shield uses multiple technologies to identify and block bot attacks. It uses browser detection and human behavior sensors to monitor entire sessions and then applies both hidden and visible challenge-response themes to block suspicious traffic and protect the user experience by reducing false positives.

Customized rate limits based on IP addresses, URIs, HTTP headers and other parameters and combinations, and set the triggered action and severity level. Use a comprehensive list of good bots to avoid disruption to indexing and monitoring services, and define additional good bots as needed. All events and triggered actions are logged. You can download logs or explore them with an intuitive analysis tool to investigate and correlate attack events.