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안전하고 규정을 준수하며 고가용성의 웹 애플리케이션 보장
Application Shield is a cloud-based web service protection solution that integrates Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS protection, and CDN acceleration. Based on CDNetworks’ central cloud defense engine, it is constantly learning and protecting your web applications from new malicious actors and attack vectors, keeping your business safe and available.

Multi-Layered Protection

Covering all threat types, such as L3/4 and L7 DDoS attacks, OWASP top 10, application-specific vulnerabilities, and more.

대시보드 가시성

Display application-layer attack information and intercept attacks in real-time for both DDoS attacks and Web application attacks.

Quick Deployment and Easy Management

Enable Application Shield service quickly base on CDN service and take control of your security customized rules, signatures, access control and rate limiting. Combining with the WAF rule template, you can also improve management efficiency easily.

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DDoS 공격 방어

Provide both Layer 7 and Layer 3/4 DDoS mitigation, to keep your sites and apps durable and always available.

WebShell 공격 탐지

Application Shield can prevent WebShell Trojans in multiple ways, including WebShell upload behaviors and WebShell on the origin.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Hundreds of WAF signatures and policies to defend against the top threats, as published by OWASP, such as injections, directory traversal, XSS, and more.

제로데이 보호

Keep updating the WAF rule library to protect against 0-Day attacks.

모니터링 및 경고

Comprehensive monitoring and alerting services to rapidly notify about any website abnormalities, including Web Application attacks and L7 DDoS attack alerting.

AI Protection

Protect against unknown web attacks through the built-in AI engine and machine learning technology.

종합적인 기능 및 관리가 쉬운 WAF

전반적인 기능으로 유연하고 편리하게 WAF를 관리,

  • WAF 대시보드
  • 1000+ 위협 패턴
  • 설정할 수 있는 액세스 제어
  • 설정할 수 있는 속도 제한 정책
  • 사용자 지정 규칙 예외
  • 로그 & 이슈 분석 툴
제로데이 보호

제로데이 보호

인텔리전트 백엔드 모니터링을 통해 불필요한 동작을 탐지하고 차단하여 새로운 위협으로부터 애플리케이션을 보호합니다. 제로데이 취약성이 발견되면 Application Shield는 "효율적인 패치" WAF 규칙을 플랫폼 전체에 동기화시켜 "네트워크 전체 동기화" 보호 시스템을 형성하고 제로데이 취약성을 신속하게 해결합니다.

대시보드 가시성

CDNetworks Application Shield can display application-layer attack information (such as attack trending data, attack details, attack type, and source of attack) and intercept attacks in real-time for both DDoS attacks and Web application attacks. You can get an immediate and intuitive picture of your security status by viewing attack trends on the real-time dashboard, filter by domains, attack types, dates, and other parameters.

대시보드 가시성

How it Works

Application Shield is a cloud-based WAF and DDoS protection solution, deployed on CDNetworks global Points-of Presence (PoPs) to detect and defend against web attacks in real-time. This happens at the edge of the network, far before the attack can hit, manipulate or overwhelm the customers’ data centers and origin servers. CDNetworks’ huge infrastructure also deflects DDoS attacks, keeping them away from smaller, more vulnerable networks. 

플랫폼을 지속적으로 사용하여 수집된 데이터는 씨디네트웍스의 AI를 활용한 빅데이터 시스템을 통해 오프라인 이벤트를 실시간으로 처리하고, 새로운 방어 전략을 수립합니다. 신규 공격 방어 전략은 수립 후 즉시 모든 PoPs에 배포되어 더욱 효과적인 공격 방어 인프라를 제공합니다.