One Japanese Online Content Creation and Exchange Platform Chooses CDN Pro to Improve User Engagement


Based in Tokyo, Japan, our customer operates an online content creation and exchange platform that serves millions of users, with services from two-dimensional content (ACG culture terminology) downloads and browser games to information community platforms and creator-supported sites.

Challenges and Pain Points

Before switching to CDN Pro, our customer used a big-name CDN vendor to accelerate its website and content. 

Due to the online content sharing and creative nature of the customer’s platform, the customer needed to ensure quick access to content. Due to the low cache hit ratio from the previous vendor’s CDN platform, many requests were sent to the customer’s origin servers, which caused long response times, availability issues, and dissatisfied users.

The increased requests to the origin not only added traffic bandwidth congestion at the customer’s origin, it also put at risk normal operation of the platform itself. Furthermore, the increase in traffic added extra bandwidth costs on top of the already-expensive CDN costs for the customer. And to make matters worse, the customer struggled to address  an increasing number of local issues without sufficient vendor support.

With millions of active users on the platform, the customer’s site could not afford even the slightest amount of downtime.  That’s when the decision was made to move to CDNetworks’ CDN Pro, the serverless Nginx platform @Edge.


Choosing CDN Pro

When the last vendor could not meet expectations, our customer moved to CDNetworks’ CDN Pro edge cloud platform, a serverless Nginx platform @Edge.

Better Network Coverage and Better User Engagement

After the switch, the CDN Pro engineering team analyzed the customer’s end user request patterns and built a custom CDN Pro network solution that optimized network coverage. The new solution, along with the CDN Pro Service Load Balancing (GSLB) system, resolved end user requests by serving the requests to the optimal CDN cloud edges. The solution improved the cache hit ratio from less than 90% to more than 97%, increased availability with low latency worldwide, and improved the customer’s user engagements.

Cost Reduction

Unlike conventional CDNs, CDN Pro uses a server group-based price model. As a result, our customer can manage server groups based on their budget. This price model provided significant savings for the customer compared with the previous vendor. The increase of the cache hit ratio using CDN Pro reduced the back-to-origin requests, freed origin bandwidth, and resulted in greater savings in CDN costs.

Placing the Control in Developers’ Hands

With a platform hosting millions of end users, the customer needs to keep content up to date. To that end, our customer’s development team constantly rolls out new releases and refreshes content from the CDN edge.

CDN Pro allows developers to control their configurations through a portal and APIs. This two-punch combination allows changes on the customer’s platform to be up and running in just a few minutes.

The new level of controls empowered the customer’s developer team to:

∙ Program traffic interaction using the Edge Logic programming interface, Nginx scripts, supported directives, and built-in variables for a finer level of traffic control.

∙ Manage content through CDN Pro Content Management functions to purge large amounts of outdated content and prefetch fresh copies on demand worldwide within minutes.

∙ Deploy configurations through self-service using the CDN Pro portal and APIs anytime and anywhere and test the configurations in a staging environment prior to deployment.

Delivering Superior Customer Service

When the customer modified its business strategy to limit users’ access via multiple devices, our customer reached out to the CDN Pro support team for a solution. The CDNetworks local support team worked diligently with our CDN Pro product team and the CDN Pro engineering team to evaluate the request. In just a few days, a solution was found using CDN Pro Edge Logic to address the customer’s requirements.

The customer was extremely impressed and satisfied with CDNetworks’ dedicated customer support, the help provided by CDNetworks’ CDN Pro technical support engineers for the service configuration, and their quick response.

Key Impacts/Benefits

  • Optimized performance by increasing the cache hit ratio to more than 97%
  • Saved costs and reduced the back to origin traffic bandwidth
  • Helped the customer’s software release flow and scalability
  • Enhanced user experience with superior customer support

Adding More Services

By using CDNetworks’ CDN Pro, the customer boosted performance, reduced costs, and enhanced user experience. Satisfied with the consistent performance and responsive support from the CDN Pro teams, the customer is now extending its business with CDN Pro security solutions to protect its applications, block bad bots, and secure its online business.

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Key Impacts
  • Optimized performance by increasing the cache hit ratio to more than 97%
  • Saved costs and reduced the back to origin traffic bandwidth
  • Helped the customer’s software release flow and scalability
  • Enhanced user experience with superior customer support