HDT Summer Promotion

High-Speed Data Transmission (HDT) Summer Promotion

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Sign up today and receive up to 50% in savings toward boosting your enterprise application speed.

HDT accelerates both TCP & UDP protocol applications with superior performance and benefits. HDT boosts the file transfer speed without compromising performance or security. It is tailored to help Fortune 500 companies accelerate large enterprise applications running across continents.

Key Features:
  • Smart routing
  • Multi-path transfer
  • Proprietary protocol
  • Global load balancing
  • Data security
Key Benefits:
  • No software installation
  • Unlimited size
  • Full bandwidth utilization
  • 100 x faster
Terms of Eligibility
  • Have never been a paying customer of HDT in the past
  • Have not previously signed up for the HDT summer promotion
  • Must sign up prior to September 30, 2019
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