13. June 2017

CDNetworks launches Cloud Security 2.0

CDNetworks has announced the launch of Cloud Security 2.0. The newly released application includes next generation behavioral web application firewall (WAF) technology integrated into CDNetworks’ global content delivery network (CDN).

CDNetworks Cloud Security is a popular solution for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack protection and mitigation. The solution quarantines and filters malicious traffic reducing the impact on end-users and revenue.

Version 2.0 combines web application and website acceleration with end to end security including DDoS attack mitigation at the network and application layers with 24/7 monitoring and customer portal visibility.

“CDNetworks Singapore is pleased to inform new and existing customers that the newly launched Cloud Security Suite will be fully integrated into our existing web performance suite of services, which facilitates web acceleration and cloud services,” said Jerry Chung, country head for CDNetworks Singapore. “Companies can expect a cloud security suite that is fully integrated with our global CDN, and monitored around the clock to help security-conscious customers in Southeast Asia.”

An intelligent firewall
Cloud Security 2.0 integrates next generation WAF technology from Fireblade into CDNetworks’ global network. This integration provides an intelligent self-learning and self-evolving firewall.

The length, intensity and impact of attacks can be reduced by integrating Cloud Security into CDNetworks global infrastructure of 160 points of presence.

CDNetworks launched its Cloud Security DDoS mitigation at the network layer in 2013 and now it has leveraged next generation WAF technology to further protect its customers from attacks at the application layer.

“Concerns about network and web application security are becoming intertwined with content and web application performance,” said Jim Davis, senior analyst, 451 Research. “Providing these formerly separate functions as services from the cloud can help increase both network performance and security while reducing complexity and management costs.”

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