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Application Shield(DDoS防护及Web应用防火墙)

轻松确保安全、合规和高可用的 Web 应用程序
Application Shield is a cloud-based web service protection solution that integrates Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS protection, and CDN acceleration. Based on CDNetworks’ central cloud defense engine, it is constantly learning and protecting your web applications from new malicious actors and attack vectors, keeping your business safe and available.

Multi-Layered Protection

Covering all threat types, such as L3/4 and L7 DDoS attacks, OWASP top 10, application-specific vulnerabilities, and more.


Display application-layer attack information and intercept attacks in real-time for both DDoS attacks and Web application attacks.

Quick Deployment and Easy Management

Enable Application Shield service quickly base on CDN service and take control of your security customized rules, signatures, access control and rate limiting. Combining with the WAF rule template, you can also improve management efficiency easily.

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DDoS 防护

Provide both Layer 7 and Layer 3/4 DDoS mitigation, to keep your sites and apps durable and always available.

WebShell 攻击检测

Application Shield can prevent WebShell Trojans in multiple ways, including WebShell upload behaviors and WebShell on the origin.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Hundreds of WAF signatures and policies to defend against the top threats, as published by OWASP, such as injections, directory traversal, XSS, and more.


Keep updating the WAF rule library to protect against 0-Day attacks.


Comprehensive monitoring and alerting services to rapidly notify about any website abnormalities, including Web Application attacks and L7 DDoS attack alerting.

AI Protection

Protect against unknown web attacks through the built-in AI engine and machine learning technology.



  • WAF控制面板
  • 1000+ Threat Patterns
  • 可配置访问控制
  • 可配置限速策略
  • 自定义规则
  • 日志和事件调查工具


通过智能后端监控、检测和阻止不良行为,保护应用程序免受新威胁。 当发现零日漏洞时,Application Shield 会将“高效补丁”-即WAF规则同步发送至整个平台,形成“全网同步”防护体系,快速解决零日漏洞。


CDNetworks Application Shield can display application-layer attack information (such as attack trending data, attack details, attack type, and source of attack) and intercept attacks in real-time for both DDoS attacks and Web application attacks. You can get an immediate and intuitive picture of your security status by viewing attack trends on the real-time dashboard, filter by domains, attack types, dates, and other parameters.



Application Shield is a cloud-based WAF and DDoS protection solution, deployed on CDNetworks global Points-of Presence (PoPs) to detect and defend against web attacks in real-time. This happens at the edge of the network, far before the attack can hit, manipulate or overwhelm the customers’ data centers and origin servers. CDNetworks’ huge infrastructure also deflects DDoS attacks, keeping them away from smaller, more vulnerable networks. 

随着客户对平台的使用,收集到的数据将会回传到 CDNetworks 的大数据系统,该系统由 AI 提供支持,近乎实时地生成新的防御策略。 然后将这些策略立即分发给所有节点,从而使整个防御基础设施更加有效。