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n 2017, 79% of U.S. consumers shopped on the web or their phones as opposed to in brick-and-mortar stores. With Cyber Monday alone bringing in more than $6.6 billion dollars this year, it appears that shopping online is the prevailing method for consumption. But, while the advent of apps and easy-to-use mobile sites have made it simple to complete your purchase, it’s also created new opportunities for theft and fraud. No matter whether you’re a consumer or business owner, there are still a few keys to amping up security while still enjoying the online shopping convenience and experience.

Consumer Security

Fraud and theft attempts increased by 31 percent in 2016, ciphoning $16B from consumers – $1B more than the prior year. Nonetheless, the average person will spend nearly $1,000 just during the holiday shopping season, exposing their own sensitive data on multiple sites. However much you choose to spend, it’s still important to protect your hard earned cash. 

No matter what your reason is for shopping online, it’s important to research before you click. Phishing attempts are more prevalent during heavy shopping seasons, bombarding consumers with random emails, ads, and messages. Before you start clicking on links promising lower prices, look for signs of a scam. Something as simple as an email message beginning with the phrase “Dear Customer” could indicate that you’re dealing with an illegitimate company. By clicking on links from unknown senders, you compromise your own security and bank account.

Verifying the security of the site you’re using is a crucial way to protect yourself and your budget. And, it’s a lot easier than you may think. Most trustworthy sites will have a URL that begins with “https” and a closed lock symbol next to it in the address bar. If you’re unsure whether the site you’re visiting is secure, look for a security certificate. Or, add another fail-safe method by implementing an anti-phishing toolbar. They’re easy to install and will scan sites you use for any malicious threats. If an issue arises, you’re immediately alerted, reducing the chance of theft.

If any red flags come up during your shopping experience, trust your gut and do not enter your credit card or bank information. Supplying personal information to an unsecure site is a recipe for disaster. You could be giving cybercriminals the ammunition they need to drain your accounts or steal your identity.

Business and Site Security

It’s especially critical that e-commerce site and business owners provide a secure platform for their consumers.

Creating a secure site is all about the products installed behind the scenes. CDNetworks’ security tools and apps are specifically designed to provide you, the business owner, and any consumers that visit your site with protection. Our multi-layered WAF protection filters only accept traffic from credible sources, which you can define, thereby cutting down the number of threats you experience. Reducing the risk of hacks and malware allows you to create a safer environment for your consumers to shop. Plus, with our DDoS protection, you can stop attacks from occurring before they happen, preventing your site from going down in the midst of a transaction.

Protecting your site from threats is just part of your responsibility as a business owner. Once consumers find the perfect product, they trust you to guard their personal and financial information carefully. Without a secure payment portal, bank accounts will be compromised, damaging your reputation as a secure site. By working closely with CDNetworks, you can find a product that best suits your site’s traffic while offering the needed payment protection your customers deserve.

Improving online shopping security is a two-fold process. Not only do consumers need to be more aware of the site’s they visit, but business owners also need to take the action to beef up their online security to prevent site outages and protect sensitive information. By partnering with CDNetworks, you can provide a safe and secure shopping environment for your customers while protecting yourself from external threats.

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