Manufacturings’ Need for Speed


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According to IDC, “manufacturing is ‘hot’ right now with countries creating policies to lure manufacturing and new technologies [thus] changing the economies of scale so that large and small scale value chains can be successful.”

It’s not just about keeping costs down anymore. The ‘need for speed’ in all aspects of manufacturing is becoming more imperative as competition increases. IDC says “Worldwide manufacturers will spend an estimated $323 billion on external IT expenditures. IT is increasingly an integral part of manufacturing’s success and we’re on our way to a digital transformation.”

One area where a CDN can make the digital transformation faster and more efficient is in collaboration between employees, partners and customers. If a manufacturing organization relies on web-based applications to share information or complete tasks, CDNetworks can help; even if employees, partners and customers are far away.

Web-applications that can be sped up include anything from collaboration software to HR software to customer facing websites. For instance, a large US-based consumer packaged goods manufacturer, with customers in over 150 countries, started on the CDNetworks platform to optimize performance across hundreds of customer-facing websites in Asia Pacific and EMEA. They were able to increase Asia Pacific performance by 75-80% and EMEA performance by 65-75%. The performance improvements have been so impressive that their global website infrastructure and support team, as well as developers and business partners worldwide, have standardized on the new website delivery architecture using CDNetworks for EMEA and APAC regions. They quoted, “CDNetworks has a VERY good footprint in APAC. That has always been a regional concern for us, because it’s such a long distance to travel.” 

We would welcome the chance to show you how speeding up your web-applications and customer facing websites can help fulfill your manufacturing organization’s ‘need for speed.’


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