Hey you, get off of my Cloud!


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Hey you, get off of my Cloud!

When it comes to a cloud DDoS attack, you can never be over prepared. You need to fight an army of cloud invaders with a defense infrastructure ready to absorb and offload attack traffic. Building that defense infrastructure yourself is not only cost prohibitive, it potentially will never be enough. Employing a content delivery network (CDN), or multiple CDNs, with DDoS mitigation moves attack traffic to absorption infrastructure and keeps legitimate web traffic flowing.

CDNetworks has thousands of servers located around the world to not only accelerate websites, but to also handle spikes in traffic. A subset of these servers functions specifically to absorb DDoS attack traffic. Once an attack has been detected with 24×7 monitoring by CDNetworks’ security professionals, the attack traffic is rerouted to the sponge servers. This all happens quickly to keep the website operational for legitimate traffic.

You can drastically reduce the effects of a DDoS attack by employing CDNs to offload the malicious traffic. And, you will always be prepared; no matter what time of the day or night someone decides to invade your cloud.

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