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DDoS Attack Zombie Bot


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Despite attempts to block or take down command and control nodes and open proxies, DDoS attacks continue to evolve and are still expected to increase, according to many reports including CDNetworks’ recent security report. DDoS is a huge threat because it is easy, profitable and many organizations remain unprepared. Recent attacks targeting a variety of organizations included Linode, BBC, Kickass Torrents, Rutgers University, and more. Some DDoS attacks were ransom attacks and some were used as diversions for other types of cyber attacks. As DDoS gets more sophisticated and uses multiple vectors, getting just any DDoS mitigation solution may not be sufficient.

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An intelligent Cloud Security army

As DDoS attacks grow larger and longer, single appliances and even some hosted solutions are not able to handle the growing attack loads. Recent attacks continue to break records in size. With an army of zombies attacking, you need an intelligent army of your own such as CDNetworks’ DDoS protection that can absorb large scale global DDoS attacks. Each of CDNetworks’ anti-DDoS nodes is capable of detecting attacks, executing multiple layers of protection, sharing intel with other nodes, and coordinating protection in event a node goes down.

Protect your Domain Name and Web Applications

DDoS attacks use multiple vectors including DNS, so make sure your DNS server or service can also withstand a zombie army attack. Attacks targeting your DNS server or service can take your site offline, even if you have multiple server locations. For DNS protection against DDoS attacks, you can use a cloud DNS service, such as CDNetworks’ Cloud DNS solution, that is also protected with the same anti-DDoS army.

To protect your web applications from layer 7 attacks that may accompany a coordinated DDoS attack, utilize a Web Application Firewall solution that will keep your applications available and secure.

In summary

Trends indicate DDoS attacks will continue to increase and grow in sophistication. Understand that no one is exempt from being a target. Make sure your DDoS mitigation plan includes a solution that is robust enough for larger and longer attacks. Fight zombies with an intelligent army.

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