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Wacker Reduces Website Load Time by over 90%

Wacker Reduces Website Load Time by over 90%


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“I was impressed with the results demonstrated by the ‘performance proof of concept’ and the team’s expertise and local knowledge of China was equally commendable” – Scott McClure, Manager, Business Communications, Information Technologies, Wacker Chemie AG

Wacker (WACKER) Chemie AG, a German based global chemicals provider, caters its products to over 100 countries. Everything from silicone rubber to chemical materials are produced and delivered from 25 different production sites across the globe.

To further develop its target growth markets such as South America, Eastern Europe and China, WACKER must deliver a seamless online experience with fast load times. With a centralized IT infrastructure in a single location, the website was experiencing severe web performance issues in China.

Read the case study to find out how CDNetworks was able to help the WACKER:

From the case study:
“‘As a result, the most significant benefit of implementing CDNetworks is the dramatic reduction in website download times to under 2 seconds per page, including the homepage, which equates to a 90% decrease in waiting times for existing and prospective customers.”

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