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NHN Improves Their China Web Performance

NHN Improves Their China Web Performance

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NHN Leaps Over China’s Great Wall to Maintain its Competitive Leadership Position

With the 2008 Beijing Olympics driving increased search engine traffic, Korea-based gaming company NHN Corporation needed to maintain its web portal leadership position among China’s Korean-language audience. However, slow page-load times and network outages meant securing website delivery infrastructure within China, typically a months-long process to obtain the proper business licenses required by the Chinese government. Not wanting to lose the opportunity presented by the Olympics, NHN investigated options for speeding up licensing approval and soon discovered that content delivery networks (CDNs) based in China could solve its two primary problems: website performance and licensing. As CDNetworks had been operating in China for several years and had already developed a solution to specifically address the two issues faced by NHN, it quickly became the CDN provider of choice.

In this case study we will discuss more in depth the ways in which CDNetworks helped NHN to meet its China business licensing schedule and web performance requirements.

Some key topics explored in this case study include:

From the case study:

“Partnering with CDNetworks certainly paid off for NHN. Not only did NHN meet its pre-Olympics deadlines, the performance of the CDNetworks China Acceleration solution ensured NHN’s web portal leadership position among China’s Korean-language audience. ‘With CDNetworks, we’re the fastest portal in China. As a result, site visitors stay to search and play our games, and advertisers see more revenues because we’re able to display more ads to more viewers,’ explained Sewon Jang, NHN’s director of the CDN management team.” 

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