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iOffer Grows Its Business by Improving Website Performance Up to 300%

iOffer Grows Its Business by Improving Website Performance Up to 300%

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iOffer Grows Its Business by Improving Website Performance Up to 300%, and Saves Over $100,000 on Infrastructure

iOffer’s online marketplace offers a growing global customer base of buyers and sellers a forum to engage one another in open, honest, and enjoyable information exchanges. With the majority of site visitors outside of the U.S. in 190 different countries, iOffer needed a content delivery network that could perform in all regions of the world without experiencing slow download times and other latency issues. CDNetworks met all three of iOffer’s criteria: 1) Global reach, 2) Demonstrated application acceleration results, and 3) Seamless integration with iOffer’s unique ecommerce platform. The results ultimately saw in 200–300 percent improved website performance and savings in excess of $100,000.

In this case study we will discuss more in depth the ways CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration service helped iOffer boost performance while saving on infrastructure costs.

Some key takeaways from this case study include:

From the case study:

To improve the delivery of dynamic applications and content to international locations, the iOffer team sought the help of a content delivery network (CDN) service provider that could speed page load times globally and cost-effectively. This would enable iOffer to stand behind its sub-one second performance goal without affecting the bottom line or forcing iOffer to raise its prices. Though iOffer considered the possibility of building an additional data center closer to international site visitors to enhance dynamic website performance, it quickly dismissed this option. ‘After evaluating both initial build-out and ongoing maintenance costs, we realized this approach was prohibitively expensive,’ explains Derek Biafore, Marketing Associate for iOffer.

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