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Historic Futures Dynamic Web Acceleration

Historic Futures Dynamic Web Acceleration

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Historic Futures Solidifies Its Customer Base by Improving Average Global Application Performance Over 500% While Saving 80% on Infrastructure

With hundreds of thousands of suppliers dispersed around the globe, many in remote and developing countries with poor Internet infrastructure in place, Historic Futures (HF) faced a major dilemma: How to improve global web application performance of its String application or risk losing customers frustrated by slow load times and extreme latency during application usage. To address this challenge, HF identified a three-pronged solution that would achieve the following: 1) Global optimization of String’s performance, targeting all regions, not just select countries, 2) Superior customer support from the application delivery service provider, and 3) Financial scale to build out and manage globally distributed data centers. With the CDNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration service in place, HF saw dramatic performance improvement; in some areas, the CDNetworks-enabled String application performed up to 1,000% faster than it had previously.

In this case study we will discuss how CDNetworks helped Historic Futures improve overall performance and accessibility while saving in infrastructure costs.

Some key topics that were explored in this case study include:

From the case study:

Initial tests of CDNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration service resulted in 300-400% performance improvement where HF was experiencing problems. ‘With the CDNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration service and local support teams, our global application delivery problems were virtually eliminated overnight,’ states Simon Warrick, Chief Technology Officer for Historic Futures. And customer complaints have disappeared. That’s because the CDNetworks-enabled String application consistently performs up to 1,000% faster in some areas. In China alone, login times have dropped from 25 seconds to just 3 seconds.”

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