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CanalChat Grandialogue Now Offers Even More Interactive Chats Thanks to CDNetworks

CanalChat Grandialogue Now Offers Even More Interactive Chats Thanks to CDNetworks


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“CDNetworks has been a steadfast partner over the past several years. Not only do they give us the exact technology we need, but they also provide us with priceless peace of mind!” – David Fellous, CanalChat Grandialouge

CanalChat Grandialogue is the leader in providing instant, live corporate communication solutions, with some 70% of CAC 40 companies employing its services. Its high-end chat and video chat platforms aims to effectively facilitate communications between different functional groups and management within corporate organizations.

To enable seamless communications between globally disbursed users, it is critical that CanalChat’s platforms can dynamically scale and handle traffic spikes in regions they cater to. CDNetworks’ Content Acceleration solution was proven to be a high performing, reliable and scalable solution that CanalChat can quickly deploy.

Read the case study to find out how CDNetworks was able to help CanalChat Grandialogue:

From the case study:
“‘We were suddenly confronted with a tricky communications challenge,” said David. “Not only was it a high-stakes game with the CEO of a bank speaking to its employees at a difficult time, but we also had be ready for as many as 100,000 people around the world to be connected at the same time. Without a trusted partner like CDNetworks by our side, we probably would’ve had a few sleepless nights before the event.”

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