Internet Outages: They Can’t Be Avoided. But You CAN Cope.

Internet Outages: They Can’t Be Avoided. But You CAN Cope.

The DNS outage heavily reported on Twitter this afternoon is another reminder of the fragility of the Internet. The Internet is undoubtedly the 8th wonder of the world. It is probably one of the largest, most globally collaborative, man-made entities that has ever been built. Composed of so many moving parts, it’s amazing that it works as well as it does. But the intricacy of the system also exposes it to the possibility that if one part falters, your entire Web infrastructure can come crashing down.

Trusting your Web infrastructure to one provider is not necessarily the best solution. Even the most well known providers have their bad days. Just ask Amazon or Akamai. That is the reality of the Internet. The trick to overcoming these natural occurrences is to combine multiple providers in a way that builds resiliency into your infrastructure. Fault tolerance through redundancy is not a new concept. Any kind of control system, from submarines to spaceships, is a prime example. The key is how to use this tried and tested methodology in your content delivery mechanism.

Cloud Load Balancer (CLB) was designed for this very scenario. From the ground up, CLB was designed with the understanding that failures are part of the Internet. As such, CLB allows you to combine multiple delivery strategies into one custom solution. Depending on such conditions as failure, load, user location and time of day among others, CLB can redirect user traffic in real-time to the best-performing and available CDN or datacenter. Our extensive monitoring system will keep vigil on your infrastructure and, should the unthinkable happen, will immediately redirect the user. CLB ensures that your site is always available, no matter what. It gives you the control on your site’s general availability, while there is little any of us can do to control specific Internet outages.

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