Access Acceleration

Accelerate network access for your end users

Eliminate issues with slow speed interactive access.

CDNetworks Access Acceleration consists of a powerful network transmission acceleration that fuels the Global Dynamic Acceleration Platform. Our Access Acceleration solution eliminates issues with slow speed interactive access.  Access Acceleration renders a stable, fast and secure global acceleration service for TCP/UDP based transmission access.

Ultimate Acceleration Enhances Online User Experiences

Improves the surfing experience of end users, especially when accessing international sites and loading large files. 400% increased in speed vs public networks.

Abundant CDN Resources

CDNetworks’ CDN platform provides services to over 500 million end users every day and is a leader in the content delivery of live stream broadcast, VOD, downloading, webpage, etc.

Cost-Effective Solution

A better online experience with a relatively low cost compared to bandwidth expansion.

Multi-Protocol Support

All TCP/UDP based application protocols are supported. Accelerates access to third-party domains by renaming the domains.

Professional Support, Increase Operational Efficiency

Comprehensive technical support team provides 24/7 support to customer. Every ACCA customer will be assigned to a designated project manager, who will offer services including troubleshooting, consulting and customized services.

Product Features

Protocol Optimization

Route Optimization

  • Intelligent routing
  • Multi-link transmission

Access Assurance

  • Intelligent DNS
  • TCP acceleration routing

Domain Rename Redirect

Content Optimization

  • Data compression

Content Acceleration

  • TCP/UDP acceleration
  • HTTPS/HTTP acceleration

Access Acceleration Diagram

Access Control Diagram
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