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The Network for Networking

Online gambling, social networking, and gaming sites share a common need - they must satisfy large audiences who have low tolerance for slow connections, disconnects, and suboptimal digital content delivery. While these sites enable an unprecedented level of interaction and sharing, they often perform sluggishly under the strain of supporting high volumes of visitors and activity. Content caching technology alone does little to ensure a responsive site. And guaranteeing the fast delivery of rich, engaging websites and applications to site visitors from around the world is no small feat.

For your site to be successful, it must respond instantaneously to user requests and actions. CDNetworks Web Performance Suite provides the fastest, leanest, most efficient, and cost-effective CDN solutions to social network and gaming websites. In fact, CDNetworks accelerates some of the world's most popular online gambling, gaming, and social network sites.

“The combination of CDNetworks’ global coverage, stability with high performance, and superior customer support make them uniquely valuable in delivering our website and applications to any world region.” - Architecture Manager, London-based Online Gambling Giant

With CDNetworks Cloud DNS service, online gambling sites also benefit from increased security.  DNS is a distributed database that maps website names to IP addresses. Almost every Internet transaction accesses DNS and CDNetworks 48 DNS PoPs bring DNS closer to all regions of the globe. Online gambling sites, in particular, need to quickly map the IP address to names and locations so they don’t serve content where prohibited by law. The Cloud DNS service also protects against DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks and vulnerability to spoofing with a massively distributed architecture and added security features.


True Global Converage with Unparelleled Network Performace

Our tier 1 network architecture leverages cloud-computing technologies to automatically determine the most efficient delivery path, reducing costs without compromising the quality of the end-user experience. Plus, we offer a unique Dynamic Web Acceleration service that speeds the dynamic transactions critical to a stellar online gaming experience.

Dynamic content is non-cacheable due to its highly personalized and time-sensitive nature, which negates the effectiveness of traditional caching techniques in speeding up performance.

With strategic points of presence deployed across six continents, including China, we provide true global coverage and unparalleled network performance backed by 24/7 personalized service and support. CDNetworks is the perfect solution for delivering the ultimate social networking and online gaming experience to your website visitors, no matter where they are located around the globe.

Global Experience. Local Support.

CDNetworks considers exceptional customer service – to you and to your end users – its top priority. We provide leading-edge website and application acceleration technology and unmatched, around-the-clock, worldwide customer support on a 24/7/365 basis.

Experienced support teams are staffed with technical experts, working at our three Network Operations Centers in California, Korea, and Japan 24 hours a day. They relentlessly monitor and manage network traffic at our 140+ full-service POP locations around the globe, ensuring the most effective use of the 1,200 Gbps capacity. These dedicated teams make sure your traffic is efficiently and effectively managed around the clock. They are available to pick up the support line – no matter when or where you call.